Billiesbox: The best care

These soft wipes are essential when changing your baby or cleaning sticky hands and faces. The thin yet very absorbing wipes are easy to use and perfectly suitable for newborns.

Suitable for every skin type.

The BilliesBox contains:

• 12 soft wipes,
13 x 16cm, one side made of mixed bamboo and cotton fibres, the other side of soft micro fibres
•    One 150 ml bottle of BilliesBox Lotion

How to use the BilliesBox

Wash the wipes before first use to make them more absorbent. Moisten the wipes with water. Pull a wipe from the box, squirt the wipe 2-3 times with the lotion and it is ready for use.

Simply wash the dirty wipes in the machine at max 60°C, along with your towels, bed linen, cloth nappies, etc. The box is dishwasher proof.

While your baby is still wearing nappies, using the BilliesBox will save you a lot of money. At the same time you make a valuable contribution to the environment, for you and your baby.

You and BilliesBox help create a better future for your child.